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Midwest Dreamer Terms, Conditions & Returns

This document is information and updates as they pertain to all printed collections.  All information in this document is up to date and effective as of:
July 12, 2021

To view fabric you need to create a login account.

All Fabric is Pre Order

Fabric is Printed Digitally

Please be aware that due to difference in material, some fabric bases can cause the images to not have crispness that our other fabrics have.  This will not be treated as a flaw.  

Computer screens may also throw off colors and may appear different from one base of fabric to another.  THIS IS NOT A FLAW

We are not responsible for the wear and tear of each fabric or how you wash/use/wear/etc your fabric

Glitter fabrics are (fake) they are printed to look like glitter but are not actual glitter.  The fabric is smooth.

Designs are a combination of original artwork, clipart, seamless designs, photos and prints.  Most scales of the print are 2" characters

During slow periods (holidays) orders may be combined from week to week.  We do order every Friday. However we need to meet the printers MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) They need to make sure their time and cost of running their printers are worth their time


Most orders take 6-10 wks to come in to us (that includes production time and shipping to us from the printer) we ship out to customers within a week of the fabric arrival (that includes cutting, packaging and postage)


You can make a login which you can then see all of your purchases under your account info to keep track of what you have ordered. This does NOT include shipping to YOU.

By purchasing any fabric you understand that it is all pre order with a wait period and you have agreed to the wait by completing your purchase. You will not be issued a refund because you think the wait is to long!


If anything happens to be missing from our orders we will send you an email that you provide when ordering to let you know and to give you the option of a refund or to get it coming with our next order of fabric.

We will however send out your partial order that arrived so we are not holding up the rest of your order.


If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email please provide your order number and name as it makes it easier for us to look up your order.

*Orders may not be edited once placed, if you would like to add to your order you need to place another one.

If you create an account (log in) on the website


Due to fabric being custom printed, some flaws can occur.  Small white/black flecks and spots can happen are is normal.  Some colors can occasionally go through to the back of the fabric when printing.  Unless it shows through to the front or its on the actual print and destroys the design, it is NOT a flaw and will not be refunded or replaced.

If you think you see a flaw on the end of a yard please measure.  Most of the time we send out more than a yard measurement per yard you order.

Smudges/printing marks can also be expected on the selvages from time to time.  If it is not affecting the design this is NOT  a flaw

The selvage line often times may have tiny punture holes from the machines holding the fabrics from printing, this is normal and NOT considered a flaw.

Fraying or rolling of the edges of the cut side of the fabric is a typical trait of almost all fabrics and is NOT considered a flaw.

If there is any yards completely unusable based on flaws you will be sent a replacement or refunded.

We have never had any issues of shrinkage or fading however all fabrics are prone to slight shrinkage and eventual wearing/fading after lots of washes, especially darker colors.  This is NOT a flaw.  This is normal wear and tear

Once the fabric is in your hands, cut, washed, etc the responsibility falls to the buyer on how its cared for.


We currently accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal and sezzle

You are paying for 36 inches of fabric, unwashed.  You are not entitled to more than 36 inches.


We ship priority mail USPS (YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INVOICE FOR ANY SHIPPING OVERAGES before your package ships.

Once shipped we are not responsible for any delays, lost or stolen packages.  If your package has been misplaced please contact your local post office so they can track your courier.

If you happen to recieve the wrong item in the mail due to our mistakes.  We will pay for the shipping back to us. And will also pay for the correct item to be shipped back out to you.  If you plan to keep any fabric mailed to you by mistake we expect you to pay for that.

Customers will have 7 days after their package is registered as delivered to inspect it for any flaws we may have missed.  Any flaws that were not mentioned above must be brought to our attention within those 7 days.  Anything that may be missing/issues/shortages need to be brought to us within that 7 day window or it will NOT be eligible for replacements/refund.

Please understand a shipping label being printed does NOT mean your order is going out that minute.  As we are packing up orders it may take a few days.

Different types of fabric can arrive wrinkled due to USPS transit, this is NOT a flaw, faux leather may come folded, this is NOT a flaw

Orders are filled in the order they are recieved

Any address changes must be submitted to us ASAP to assure proper delivery once your fabric arrives.  If you fail to do this and your order returns to us we expect you to pay the shipping fee again to resend to the proper address.  If you refuse to pay shipping again, you will be refunded, MINUS the original shipping fee and a 25% restocking fee and any other fees we have incurred on your order.


We do not offer refunds because you think the pre order is taking "to long"
We do not offer refunds because you recieved the fabric and imagined someting different.

Color differences are normal meaning if you order fabric this month and then again the same piece of fabric in 4 months and the color is different this is NOT a flaw and will not be refunded.  We cannot control the printer, the inks, and saturations.

Fabrics can look different in natural light vs direct sunlight.

Sometimes fabric may be slightly crooked when cutting. As long as each side is at least 36" for yards this is NOT a flaw and will NOT be refunded.

We do not refund for the scale being to big or to small.  Like mentioned above most charecters are 2"  if you would like to know exact on a design please email us.

The smaller the scale the more the design loses its quality and detail


we cannot take responsibility for any wash routines.  We recommend washing on cold, drying on warm/hot to set colors

Washing lighter and darker fabric together CAN result on the darker fabric bleeding onto the lighter fabric.  We cannot control or prevent this but you can by washing separately!






These are all DIGITAL files, There must be a license added to your order.


You may NOT RESELL or distribute our files in their original form.


Selling our files is PROHIBITED unless the appropriate commercial license is purchased.


Clipart used in any design is not claimed as our own.

We appreciate your business and support! We hope to build a long lasting relationship with our customers by serving you with quality service and great fabrics!  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns

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